Wuhan Solar Sunrise Photoelectric technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan Solar Sunrise Photoelectric technology Co., Ltd

China Professional Solar Cell Tester, Solar Module Tester, EL Tester manufacturer
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About Us

Wuhan Solar Sunrise Photoelectric technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with import and export trade license approved by the State Department of Business Administration. It is located in China Optics Valley. We are engaged in R&D, production, sales and service in photovoltaic test equipment and can provide turnkey solution for photovoltaic industry.

Relying on the National Key Laboratory of Photoelectronic&Automation in Huazhong University of Science&Technology(Wuhan), with many Photovoltaic specialists and overseas experts, Wuhan Solar Sunrise builds a very strong R&D team. Focusing on the R&D of Solar test equipment, we have been providing superior solar test equipment and best technical service and support with our professional technical strength.

Our main products includes:Solar Cell Tester, Auto  Solar CellTester, Solar Module Tester, Auto Online Solar Module Tester, Solar Module EL Tester, Auto Online Solar Module EL Tester, Solar Simulator and  related test equipment.

All our  products are widely applied in manufacturing enterprises of  crystalline silicon solar cells&modules  and amorphous silicon thin-film solar cell& modules.

Wuhan Solar Sunrise Photoelectric technology Co., Ltd is skilled in manufacturing test equipment for high- efficiency solar cells, Non-standard solar cells and can meet any special test requirements for customers.

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